Skin Perfecting Facials

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BioPhyto (60 min $115.00)

Skin rehabilitation (balancing, normalising, detoxifying). Best suited for those who suffer from conditions such as seborrhoea, hormonal imbalance and chronic breakouts.
Active ingredients: scenedesmua algae, peptides, medicinal plants, aminoacids.


Comodex (60 min $115.00)

A detoxifying and balancing facial to deep cleanse and purify the skin by stimulating in natural defence. Best treatment for acne.


Fluoroxyden +C (60 min $135.00)

Lightens skin discoloration. Reduces wrinkles and other skin damage caused by hyperpigmentation and sun or environmental factors. Additionally, it has a skin rejuvenating and anti-aging effect, increases skin’s elasticity, oxygen consumption, moisture and tone for generally healthy and younger looking skin.
Active ingredients: glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, citric acid.


Unstress (60 min $115.00)

Unique treatment prevents, controls and treats stress induced skin damage while providing moisturiser and nourishment resulting in hydrated, supple and soothed complexion. Best for very sensitive, stress skin, rosacea.
Active ingredients: antioxidant, peptide, venuceane, St. John’s wort, probiotic lactobacillus, omega 3.6.


Wish (60 min $135.00)

Age-defying treatment for mature skin. As youthful hormones naturally decrease with age “Wish” leverages advanced science to replace lost skin rejuvenating and youth protecting properties including increased epidermal elasticity and strengthened inter-cellular bond.
Active ingredients: Alphalipolic acid, phytec acid, melatonin.


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